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Writer's Block: Sony Cyber-shot HX5V

Jul. 22nd, 2010 | 08:30 pm

If you could spend a week taking photos in any city in the world, which city would you choose, and why?

The first couple of cities that flashed right to mind would be Kyoto, Paris, New York, Egypt, and the list just goes on and on... But hey! why would I want to explore elsewhere when I have yet to fully explore my very own home country, Malaysia?

There are so many places that I have yet to set foot on, especially East Malaysia. The first place that I would love to visit would definitely be Kota Kinabalu.

I love scenery shots, especially those taken by the beach; or at sea. KK has just the perfect excuse for me to be snapping photos away. And with the Intelligent Sweep Panorama feature, what more could I ask for to get that perfect capture of the paradise? The Intelligent Sweep Panorama feature of Sony Cyber-shot HX5v could also come in handy while exploring the Tunku Abdul Rahman Park, as well as the rain forests in KK, which in turn will prove that the Sony Cyber-shot HX5v is an ideal camera even while trekking the natural terrains as it has Optical Steadyshot (active mode), which helps reduce camera shake blur. So, one need not have to stall while taking in the beauty of the surroundings and be left behind. And of course, who would forget about Mount Kinabalu? The idea of having a compact that can capture that perfect picture definitely beats the idea of having to carry a DSLR and tons of lenses and what-nots all the up the Mountain just for that perfect capture.

I could also be taking videos of Sunset/sunrise with the Sony Cyber-shot HX5v's AVCHD Full HD Movie recording feature, rather than just taking gazilion shots at it. I could even film the hike up Mount Kinabalu, or the rain forest trekking with this amazing feature and look back and relive every moment of it.

Oh, and did I mention that the Sony Cyber-shot HX5v has a unique mode called the Handheld Twilight mode? This mode makes capturing cleaner and sharper images in low light without the aid of a tripod of flash possible. So what better ways to take clearer photos without having to on the flash and still ruin a perfect night view where the city is lighted up beautifully? 

And you know how being an alien in a foreign land, one can easily get lost? Well fret not! Sony Cyber-shot HX5v actually has a Built-in GPS and Compass. No kidding! This camera is definitely a camera like no other. Other than serving the purpose of snapping that perfect moment, or putting it into a recording, I could even make sure I know my way around with the GPS and Compass feature! How great is that? No more fear of getting lost.

That said, this is only ONE of the many cities in Malaysia that I would love to explore. What about Kuching, Penang, KL, and lots more? So to say, the Sony Cyber-shot HX5v is definitely an ideal traveling companion while on vacations. It will also be my best companion while I explore my home country and share the beauty and uniqueness of it all with the world, while exploring other cities from other countries. =D!

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Writer's Block: Sony Cyber-shot TX5

Jul. 4th, 2010 | 10:23 pm

If you had a waterproof camera, what are the top five things you would want to photograph? Let your imagination run wild.

I have always loved taking photos of the vast sky from different angle, but am limited to only taking from water-proof area.

So if I had a waterproof camera, I'd definitely dive into the water, take loads of photos of the sky from the point of view of all things living in the water.

I would also love to try taking photos while playing with water (ie: water activities, water festival in Thailand) without having to worry bout spoiling my camera, and be left out of all the fun while standing away trying to snap shots of people having fun.

The view of beautiful corals in Sipadan is a MUST! In fact, all things underwater that makes up the magical-wonderland are really beautiful. It sucks to not have a waterproof camera D=

Appreciating mother nature while taking photos would have been better with a waterproof camera as there would be no fear for raindrops to ruin the un-waterproof camera anymore! Taking shots of raindrops, bottoms up, as it hits the ground; and pictures of people and activities under the rain. The best part? Not having to be sheltered nor hold an umbrella while snapping away!

Lastly, the idea of taking a self-portrait by putting my waterproof camera in a water-filled fishbowl sounds intriguing as well, don't cha think? ;)

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Euphoric Euphoria~

Nov. 29th, 2008 | 12:33 pm
mood: cheerfulcheerful
music: porcelain - Red hot chilli peppers

27th November.

- Hanged out at Mid Valley.

- "Ming Tian" plan cancelled due to heavy down pour, ended up having sakae sushi at Sunway Pyramid.

And then went to Euphoria.

Gosh, the place is just awesome! The crowd was awesome too! LOL!

28th November.

- Went Asia Cafe for some serious replenishment due dehydration *lol!*

- hit the bunk 'round 4.30am.

- Attended lecture at 12pm, which surprisingly ended within 30 minutes.

After around 3pm, left Sg Long for the initial plan to watch a movie but then something happened. One group was in Mid Valley, another group was in Jusco Belakong. so definitely, no movie for the day =/

- Hanged out at Secret Recipe and had my brownie with vanilla ice dream and 2 candles LOL!

dammit, I'm officially "2-candles" now... OTL

But still, thanks to everyone who wished me and played along with my wackiness =D

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Beware of my magic stick! *massive lol-post*

Nov. 9th, 2008 | 04:02 pm
music: Rain - Rainism

I love Rain Bi, I really do, I love his dance moves, his dance moves, and his dance moves.....

OH! And Kimchi, not that it's directly related...

But this round, its not only the dance moves, its the lyrics AND the dance moves too, LOL, as in, both in one. The lyrics are really crack-tastic and not to mention with the dance move, its totally a combination that makes me and my cousin laugh and laugh and laugh, and yet still watching the video over and over and over again!

Couldn't be helped, he's just Kimchi-hot!

like seriously, fear my magic stickCollapse )

See how the guy with the eye patch is enjoying himself with the dance moves?

I could totally watch this video and laugh my butt out, on and on. LOL!

And the finishing's totally awesome with HIS magic stick, LOL!!!

Yea, I'm back to the Rain-bi fetish once more.
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nothing much

Oct. 9th, 2008 | 11:23 pm
music: Sarah Connor - Under My Skin

1 ) Sarah Connor - Under My Skin

2 ) Dong Bang Shin Ki - Mirotic

I like the song from no. 1, and the dance and guys from no. 2.

On a different note, finally went to Tambun for seafood and sauna LOL!

Went in three rounds and my nose started to bleed =x

Leaving my home sweet home tomorrow at 10am for my studies once more...sigh... I really am starting to miss home already... TT_TT

I'm gonna miss my room and the Asam Laksa-s here badly ='(
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Oct. 8th, 2008 | 01:10 pm
location: where butter worths a lot
mood: sicksick
music: 周迅- 风筝

Bloody hell... How is it possible I got such a shitty result. blasted ****.
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Rant alert: ignore if you're not interested.

Sep. 16th, 2008 | 11:00 pm
mood: satisfiedsatisfied
music: Forgive Me - Group 1 Crew

Just an expression of thoughts which is long, PLEASE SKIP if uninterested.Collapse )


Guess I'm getting nearer to the edge and couldn't stand it any longer. =(

Man, I've tried to write this as rational as possible. And I WAS supposed to be mature and not be bothered by the what-nots, guess I'm just human after all.

And I'd be REALLY amused as to what will happen to me if the person I dedicated this post to were to find out about this. LOL!

I mean, its not like I don't love her, I really do, but oh well, life's like a roller coaster ride plus the bumpy roads, and at the end of the day, I have to admit, I love her and couldn't thank her more for shaping me to who I am today.

On a different note, finals had been a pain in the ass, and still is.

English for Management wasn't bad and I really hope I could get A this time. Wait, let me rephrase that, I AM getting an A for THAT no matter what! *roar*

But Management for Information System was really shitty. Well, the paper did say that common sense was acceptable so hopefully the lecturer isn't a picky one. TT_TT

And today I had my Business Finance paper and surprisingly, I came out 45 minutes early and had already triple checked and was really MORE than satisfied. I was excited at the thought that I am pretty damn sure at least a C was coming for that paper and then my friend double checked my answers and said maybe even a B if the lecturer is lenient. LOL!*boogie dances*

So, 3 down, 2 more to go. Marketing's on Thursday, I can see an A coming *fingers crossed* and then Organizational Behavior, god, I hope I get, at the very least, a C for that. *dies*

After this, I shall indulge myself in drawing and reading and sewing dolls and MAKAN session~! <3

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Jul. 16th, 2008 | 11:40 am
mood: sicksick
music: the clock stays still - Black Rain

Lost my phone, fell sick, assignments due, finance second mid term coming soon.... =_=#

Dammit, I feel so lucky.

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Update: Malam Muhibah * image heavy*

Jun. 18th, 2008 | 03:25 pm
music: Yume no Ato - Shina Ringo

was busy eating lol.

for the preparations of the performance follow

Let the show

Oh well, 2 more days and then we're gonna have to say bye bye to fellow Creative Dance members ="(
I'll definitely miss everyone a lot TT_TT

p/s: this post is blardy tiring.... lllorz
wonder how the hell does Jinneh actually do this all the time...

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Rant alert! Stephenie Meyer is torturing me mentally!!!...

Jun. 4th, 2008 | 01:46 am
mood: tiredtired

...Cause Breaking Dawn will only be released on August 2nd and I'm so tempted to order it at Amazon's OTL OTL OTL

Not to mention Twilight will be hitting the big screens this December on the 12th.



On another note, I'm still eligible to suffer at UTAR for another semester.

blardy shit, how the hell did I end up with a C+ for law when the friends whom I taught all got B+ at the very least....


More reasons for me to stay away from the computer and hit the books like a blardy nerd >=/

Anyways, YEAR 2 kicked off last week- to me at least- quiet smoothly.

I don't ask much, as long as the teachers are funny and can capture our attention and makes us work our best, that's fine with me. ( Do I sound like a workaholic?)


And I'll be performing hip-hop jass - which now seems more like a formation thing to me- on the 14th-15th, 21st-22nd of June~!


sigh, wonder if I would be able to pull it off and not screw up with my lack of spirit.

Kids below 16 could even dance better than me TT_TT...

And omg! I really wish I could invite all to come see the performance cause the seniors are blardy awesome!! <3<3<3<3~!

Till then.


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